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Enhancing the lives of children with eye disorders

Published: 08.04.2022
Danielle Maher Programme Manager, The World Society of Paediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus

The World Society of Paediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus (WSPOS) is a charity registered in the UK that was established by Drs. David B. Granet and Ken K. Nischal in 2008. Our exclusive goal is to enhance the lives of children with eye disorders and both adults and children with strabismus throughout the world. This can be achieved through the international exchange of ideas, collaborative research & policy implementation at both regional and global levels.

The world of paediatric ophthalmology and strabismus is constantly changing, and our goal is to ensure that our members are informed of the latest developments and innovations. The COVID-19 pandemic has completely transformed the way we live our lives and the way we practise as ophthalmologists. While we continue to rely on our surgical skills, in this new era of uncertainty, we must also start learning new skills and new ways of interacting with our patients. WSPOS believes that mutual respect for individuals providing care to children with eye disorders, and those with strabismus worldwide is essential to achieving this goal.

Our core philosophy is the certainty that we are all teachers, and we are all learners. For too long wonderful specialists worldwide did not have their work recognized; WSPOS proudly asserts that ‘expertise resides all over the world’.

WSPOS is a society that is FREE to join. We did this because we wanted the most vulnerable cohorts of eye healthcare workers to be able to benefit from the society’s knowledge.

Having identified countries where no local society covering paediatric ophthalmology and strabismus existed WSPOS has helped establish many chapter and member societies around the world in order to offer training and continued education programmes.

WSPOS gives a voice to all paediatric ophthalmologists and strabismologists all over the world and helps to establish this subspecialty – even in the most remote and underprivileged areas where the need is greatest. WSPOS strives to ensure that eye healthcare disparities are reduced across the world.