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Golf Caddy Screening – First of it Kind!!

Published: 07.02.2024
Paula Mukherjee COO
Optometry Council Of India

Golf, unlike most ball games, cannot and does not use a standardized playing area, and coping with the varied terrains encountered on different courses is a key part of the game. Given the form of this sport, golfers are often assisted by Caddies. Caddies mostly help the golfer navigate the course and improve their game.

The visual demand of a golfer is very high in terms of depth perception, fixation, focus, eye-hand coordination, eye tracking, etc so the caddies help them navigate in their game.

Keeping in mind the necessity of good vision, the management of Bangalore Golf Club approached OCI to conduct an eye screening camp for the caddies working there. The caddies working there never went through a basic eye examination and many of them used to miss tracking the golf ball making it difficult for them to perform their daily duties for the golfers.

On the 27th of November OCI in association with Aloka Vision Programme by Zeiss conducted an eye-screening camp for the caddies of Bangalore Golf Club. Optometrists from the Aloka Vision Programme screened 230 caddies. The following tests were performed: Vision check, Refraction, Pupillary Evaluation, Colour Vision Evaluation, and Fundus Examination with Direct Ophthalmoscope. Out of the 230 screened, 115 required refractive error correction and were provided with free spectacles. The spectacles were sponsored by OCI.

The Caddies screening was one of a kind and the Bangalore Golf Club was the first club in India to start this initiative for its caddy workers. Along with eye screening, they also trained the caddies in CPR and got them a basic blood evaluation done.

OCI supported this initiative and is also looking forward to scaling this up to other Golf Clubs in India.

A man sitting getting his eyes tested.