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India Vision Institute prioritises Vision and Road Safety

Published: 17.08.2021
Shekhar Nambiar General Manager - Education and Communications
India Vision Institute
Mr Vinod Daniel, CEO, India Vision Institute and Vision and Road Safety Taskforce members

For prevention of avoidable blindness and to further our mission for giving access to a pair of spectacles to every underprivileged Indian in need of one, India Vision Institute’s (IVI) approach has been to work with partners, industry and organizations across 22 Indian states.

IVI’s focus on Vision and Road Safety, including providing access to screening and a pair of corrective glasses for truck drivers, is showing results. Also, IVI’s Vision and Road Safety Task Force constituted earlier this year and comprising members drawn from industry, NGOs and experts, has identified, among others, barriers and taboos associated with drivers wearing spectacles and compliance in spectacle wearing post screenings.

IVI’s forthcoming initiatives in the next six months will screen some 75,000 truck and commercial vehicle drivers. The programmes will also raise awareness to educate drivers on the importance of good vision and eye health. IVI will work with drivers’ associations, sea ports and partners in taking forward the campaign.

We look forward to working with more partners in our programmes across India and to strengthen our ability to better deliver sustainable services to underserved communities.