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June 2021 COVID-19 and Eye Health Research Round Up

Published: 02.07.2021
IAPB Knowledge Management team
Man in mask providing a vision screening for an elderly woman

The following links have been sourced from LitCovid.

Myopia & digital eye strain

Emergency Department/Clinic settings 

Tertiary care 

Eye Diseases 

Dry Eye 


Ocular transmission, detection & manifestation of COVID-19

Case Reports 


Patient perspectives 

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Primary eye care 

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Eye Donation and Banking 

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Other impacts of COVID-19 on vision and eye health 

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World Health Organisation updates 

  • Considerations for implementing and adjusting public health and social measures in the context of COVID-19Ann update to the interim guidance published on 4 November 2020 entitled “Considerations in adjusting public health and social measures in the context of COVID-19”. Public health and social measures (PHSM) have proven critical to limiting transmission of COVID-19 and reducing deaths. PHSM include non-pharmaceutical individual and societal interventions to control COVID-19. This updated version introduces considerations for relaxation of some PHSM for individuals with natural or vaccine-induced immunity.  WHO/2019-nCoV/Adjusting_PH_measures/2021.1