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November 2021 COVID-19 and Eye Health Round Up

Published: 07.02.2022
IAPB Knowledge Management team

Child eye health: myopia & digital eye strain

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Emergency Department/Clinic settings

Tertiary care

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Eye Diseases

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Dry Eye, Asthenopia & Digital eyestrain among adults


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Ocular transmission, detection & manifestation of COVID-19

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Case Reports

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Patient perspectives

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Primary eye care

COVID-19 guidance for primary eye care services in England 

Eye Donation and Banking

  • COVID-19 positivity rate in corneal tissue donors – A cause for concern! Indian J Ophthalmol. 2021 Oct;69(10):2808-2811. PMID: 34571639; PMCID: PMC8597523.
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Other impacts of COVID-19 on vision, eye health & eye health professionals

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Photo credit: Shamim Khan