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Eye Health Heroes 2021

Our Eye Health Heroes work with passion, purpose and determination to improve peoples’ lives all over the world.
They are the change-makers, innovators and emerging leaders from across all areas and backgrounds in eye health.

Eye Health Heroes 2021

The Eye Health Heroes 2021 programme continue the momentum we started in 2020, recognising and celebrating young and upcoming frontline staff, volunteers, support staff and more within the eye health sector.  

EHH Change Makers

Change-makers are motivated to act. They turn good ideas into action. Meet all our 2021 Change-makers here…

EHH 2021 Innovators

Innovators embrace new ideas and create new possibilities and outcomes. Meet all our 2021 Innovators here…

EHH 2021 Future Leaders

Future Leaders emerge at all levels and in all roles across eye health. Meet all our 2021 Future leaders here…

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Eye Health Heroes is funded via a grant from the Allergan Foundation.

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