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Direct Aid (DA)

Direct Aid’s programmatic focuses lie in education, social and economic development, and water and health.

Direct Aid (DA)

Direct Aid (DA) is a Kuwaiti non-governmental organization that delivers development assistance and relief across 30 African countries plus Yemen, with the aim of eradicating hunger, disease, and poverty through fostering self-reliance. It was founded in 1981 by the renowned Kuwaiti physician and scholar, Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Sumait. Direct Aid’s programmatic focuses lie in education, social and economic development, and water and health. The organization held a special consultative status in the U.N. Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) since 2019.

Direct Aid operates 314 schools across Africa for kindergarten to high school aged students. It also established and maintains 79 vocational training centers, 25 education institutions. DA operates four universities in Zanzibar, Somalia, Tanzania, and Kenya in which 47,984 students are presently enrolled in a range of academic disciplines, including medicine, law, engineering, education, and information systems.

Direct Aid has carried out over 20,000 economic development projects which have benefitted 700,000 individuals. These projects include establishing and operating income-generating agricultural and livestock farms, grain mills, bakeries, broadcasting stations, tailoring centers, and soap factories with a special focus on women and girls.

Direct Aid operates multiple orphanages across Africa that provide comprehensive care for orphans’ holistic wellbeing. These services include the provision of: clothing, food, transport, medical examinations and treatment, education and training, school tuition assistance, playgrounds etc…

As for Water and sanitation sector, To date, Direct Aid has built 27,168 water projects that have benefitted 2.5 million people. Direct Aid partners with government agencies and local committees to ensure the effectiveness of these projects and to maintain their long-term viability. Additionally, in 2014, Direct Aid founded Suqya, a company that implements clean water projects. To ensure the environmental friendliness of these projects, some of them are powered through clean energy sources, including solar power.

Finally, Direct Aid conducts a variety of healthcare programs including primary and secondary health care with 3 eye care hospitals in Africa, medical convoys, surgery camps, vaccination campaigns.

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