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HCP Cureblindness (Himalayan Cataract Project)

HCP Cureblindness (Himalayan Cataract Project)

HCP Cureblindness (Himalayan Cataract Project) is working to overcome the mountain of global blindness. Started in 1995 by two visionary eye surgeons, HCP Cureblindness is working to eradicate avoidable blindness in under-resourced areas of the world by helping people retain and regain their sight. HCP’s approach to eye care is unique – it focuses on building local capacity, ensuring quality infrastructure and equipment are available, enabling quality patient care and aiding effective prevention.

We provide training and equipment to healthcare professionals, who then go on to provide eye care services in their own communities. This action-based approach builds local leadership, empowers key actors, and develops sustainable practices from the ground up. Together with an extensive network of implementing partners in over 25 countries, HCP Cureblindness has provided more than 1.4 million sight-restoring surgeries and screened more than 14.5 million people to provide care and basic treatments, has trained over 19,500 eye health professionals, and has established 5 eye hospitals.

Contact Information

HCP Cureblindness PO Box 863 Norwich
VT 05055 USA