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World Blind Union (WBU)

The World Blind Union (WBU) is a non-political, non-religious, non-governmental and non-profit-making organisation. It is the internationally recognized organisation speaking on behalf of blind and partially sighted persons.

World Blind Union

More about organisation:

The World Blind Union (WBU) is the global organization representing the estimated 253 million people worldwide who are blind or partially sighted. Members are organizations of and for the blind in 190 countries, as well as international organizations working in the field of vision impairment.

The World Blind Union does not provide direct services or programs to blind and partially sighted persons but rather brings together major organizations of blind persons and those providing services and programs to them from around the world. Central to WBU’s work is the prominence of organizations of blind persons in its work and the leadership of blind and partially sighted persons within the Union. Much of the work of

the WBU is carried out by its six regions: Africa, Asia, East Asia/Pacific, Europe, Latin America, North America/Caribbean.

Contact Information

World Blind Union Head Office 1929 Bayview Avenue Toronto
Ontario Canada M4G3E8