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Treatment of Inherited Retinal Diseases (IRDs)


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Start Time:
15th August 2023 - 1:00 pm
End Time:
15th August 2023 - 2:00 pm
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In this highly interactive webinar, we will review the history of gene therapy including its past and present successes and challenges. With this historical perspective in mind, we will then describe the ever-expanding field of genomics and genetic testing related to inherited retinal diseases (IRDs). The webinar will stress the importance of clinical judgment, patient-centered care, and the critical role of a genetic counselor. We will end the webinar by detailing current, approved gene therapies and their impact on patient outcomes, while looking ahead in the not-so-distant future to new treatments.

Lecturer: Dr. Alex V. Levin, Ophthalmologist, University of Rochester Medical Center, USA