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Accessibility standards and audit pack

Accessibility standards and audit pack hard copies

The accessibility standards and audit pack can be used to help develop national accessibility standards, assess existing health infrastructure and guide the development of new health facilities.
The pack provides step-by-step guidance on how to plan, train a team and undertake an audit, then report on and implement improvements. It offers best-practice guidance to ensure a facility is accessible, alongside simple diagrams and photographic examples.

Several audit tools are included in the pack:

  • Accessibility standards: guidance based on international recommendations.
  • PowerPoint training presentation: explaining how to carry out an audit.
  • Audit checklist: a colour-coded list to be completed during the audit.
  • Costings template spreadsheet: to record and track progress.
  • Writing board: an accessible version of a clipboard, to help write on the go.
  • Bespoke audit tape measure: printed with key measurements to enable easy measuring of aspects such as door handles, steps, ramps, handrails and toilets.
  • USB stick: containing digital versions of all the audit resources.

The pack was initiated and developed by Andrea Pregel, Sightsavers’ programme advisor for social inclusion and disability, with contributions from Karen Smith, senior monitoring evaluation and learning advisor at Sightsavers. It was designed and produced by Sightsavers’ online and design team.

In 2021, the pack received a Zero Project award, given to outstanding initiatives that help to improve the lives of people with disabilities.