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Commonwealth Eye Health Consortium: Final Evaluation


Worldwide there are 285 million visually impaired people, of whom 39 million are blind. Most of this blindness is either curable or preventable, however, the large majority live in low-income settings, where access to services is limited.

In 2014, to address these challenges The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust supported the establishment of The Commonwealth Eye Health Consortium (CEHC). The CEHC has sought to provide a coherent, integrated response that strengthens eye health systems in LMICs in three key areas: People- Knowledge- Tools.

The CEHC is a group of regional eye-health organisations and training/academic institutions from several Commonwealth countries, which brings together a range of complimentary skills and capacity to deliver this programme.

This is the final evaluation report of The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust-funded CEHC programme. The purpose of this evaluation is to appraise the sustainability and legacy of the CEHC programme against targets set at its inception. This evaluation takes into account the findings of the mid-term evaluation, and incorporated the additional funding awarded to the Consortium in 2016.