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Eye Health System Assessment in Lao PDR


A recent survey in Lao PDR estimated that 3% of its population aged 50 years old and above is blind. This prevalence level is a bit higher thanthe blindness prevalence of Australia, which is under 1%. Primarily, blindness is caused by cataract and low vision is caused by uncorrected refractive error in LAO PDR. Besides the impact of vision loss on a person’s quality of life, there is also a substantial economic loss associated, including increased unemployment, decreased productivity and increased welfare cost.

In an effort to improve access to quality eye care services for all, including disadvantaged communities in Lao PDR, MoH with support from WHO and the International Centre for eye Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, conducted an Eye Health System Assessment (EHSA). The purpose of the exercise is to assess current systems and practices in place for the delivery of eye care at the primary level, including existing linkages between the eye health system, and the general health system. The findings of the in-depth analysis will lead to develop a set of country specific recommendations.