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Package of eye care interventions (WHO)

Package of eye care interventions cover

The Package of Eye Care Interventions (PECI) provides a set of recommended, evidenced-based eye care interventions with material resources required for implementation, presented across the following continuum of care:

  1. health promotion and prevention;
  2. screening
  3. diagnosis and monitoring
  4. treatment; and
  5. rehabilitation.

For each selected intervention, information is also provided on the relevant period of life-course; recommended level/s of care (i.e. community, primary, secondary and tertiary health care) for delivery; and potential links to health programme/s and sectors. The PECI recommendations for the integration of a range of eye care interventions within the health system are summarized below in Figure 1.

The PECI serves to facilitate policy-makers and technical decision-makers in LMICs to integrate eye care into the packages and policies of their national health services. Service providers can use the PECI to plan and implement eye care interventions in their service programmes; and the donor and development agencies can use it as a blueprint for eye care programmes.

Access the Package of eye care interventions at this link. It is available in English, Spanish, and French.