Peek Vision

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Peek Vision develops smartphone-based tools and health system designs to improve access to eye care in low- and middle-income countries. 

Peek solutions include software, data visualisations and public health expertise to help eye health services identify where the need is greatest and how to strengthen programmes.  Our eye health screening tools allow task-shifting to non-specialists – such as teachers and community health workers – to conduct vision screening and eye health surveys in homes, communities and schools.  Peek does not provide eye health services independently, but works with partners across the world to improve access to eye health for the people who need it most.

Peek solutions are integrated with the Peek Acuity smartphone-based vision check, which allows anyone to check visual acuity accurately using a smartphone.  Peek Retina is a portable smartphone attachment which allows any user to capture optic disc images through a dilated pupil.

Peek is an evidence-led, impact-driven organisation, focused on the people and communities who can benefit the most from improved access to eye care.  The Peek Vision Foundation is a registered charity in the UK, which wholly owns a trading company, Peek Vision Ltd, that develops products to bring eye care to people worldwide.  All profits generated by the company’s activities ultimately belong to the Foundation.

We have offices in Botswana, Kenya and the UK, and our team works with partners across the world to bring better vision and health to everybody.