Focus On: L’OCCITANE Foundation

General Delegate
Organisation: L'OCCITANE Foundation

For Africa Day, Charlotte Bonnet , General Delegate and Kady Traoré, Project Manager, Burkina Faso, L’OCCITANE Foundation write about the work they are doing in Africa. The L’OCCITANE Foundation was created in 2006 by the L’OCCITANE Company to give further impact to its commitments after 30 years of support to charity projects. L’OCCITANE is a…

Focus On: Operation Eyesight Universal

Global Director, Programmes
Organisation: OEU

For Africa Day, Kashinath Bhoosnurmath, Global Director, Programmes, Operation Eyesight Universal writes about their strategy to provide long-term solutions to eye health problems in the communities they work in. Our Hospital-Based Community Eye Health Programme (HBCEHP) model is a blend of community eye care, primary health care and community development. After piloting this flagship model…

Africa Day: Training Specialists to Treat Cataract Blindness

Medical Officer for Africa
Organisation: HelpMeSee

For Africa Day, Dr. Jean-marie André HelpMeSee’s Medical Officer for Africa writes about solutions to overcome shortage of trained cataract specialists and the work they are doing to change that. Africa Day celebrates the independence and progress of nations across the African continent, with this year’s theme devoted to “Harnessing the Demographic Dividend Through Investments…

Africa Day : The Remoteness of Eye Health in Ethiopia

Content Manager
Organisation: The Fred Hollows Foundation

For Africa Day, Matthew Smeal, Content Manager, The Fred Hollows Foundation recalls a recent trip to Oromia Province in Ethiopia documenting the work of their teams working to screen for trachoma and surgically treat trachiasis. Large grey rocks blanket the road and surrounding area, creating a barren, moonlike landscape. It is basalt, left over from volcanic eruptions…

Focus On : Brien Holden Vision Institute

Sub Regional Manager, East Africa
Organisation: Brien Holden Vision Institute

For Africa Day, Naomi Nsubuga, Sub Regional Manager, East Africa, Brien Holden Vision Institute, writes about their work in East Africa to address URE and support eye care workers. Today as we mark Africa Day 2017, we look at the efforts Brien Holden Vision Institute has made to address the challenges of eye health in East…

Focus On: The Norwegian Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted (NABP)

Director International Development Cooperation
Organisation: NABP

For Africa Day, Terje Iversen, Director International Development and Cooperation, Norwegian Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted, talks about the work they are doing in Africa to enable blind and partially sighted people to fight for their rights. The Norwegian Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted (NABP) was formed in the year 1900…

Africa Day : Improving Primary Eye Care in Rwanda

Rwanda Country Director
Organisation: Vision for a Nation Foundation

For Africa Day, Abdallah Uwihoreye, Rwanda Country Director, Vision for a Nation Foundation talks about the difference their work has made in Rwanda. I started to struggle with my sight when I was just 12 years old. Basic everyday tasks and schoolwork suddenly became difficult. Fortunately, I grew up in a family with the means…

Africa Day: Supporting Advocacy Efforts through Research in Africa

Global Executive Director
Organisation: Vision Impact Institute

For Africa Day, Kristan Gross, Global Executive Director, Vision Impact Institute writes about eye health in Africa and the impact of Uncorrected Refractive Errors in children. As a child, I was fortunate to have family friends who served as missionaries in numerous locations around the world. Perhaps this early introduction to a global mindset laid the…

Africa Day: Let’s celebrate the Africans who are dedicated to Eye Care

Programme Coordinator for Mozambique
Organisation: Light for the World

For Africa Day, Irmi Neuherz, Programme Coordinator for Mozambique, Light for the World writes about their work in Mozambique and the difference project officer Nunes Sampaio brought to their work there. Africa Day is important for Light for the World; indeed, more than three quarters of our global programme work takes place in Africa. We…

Africa Day: Bringing sight to Africa

Director of Communications & Fundraising
Organisation: Orbis Africa

For Africa Day, Helen White, Director of Communications and Fundraising, Orbis Africa writes about Ophthalmic Nurse Duncan Chimbila and how he is contributing to their efforts in Zambia, and the larger work that needs to be done in Africa to reduce the burden of avoidable blindness. 25 May 2017, Africa Day, marks the celebration of a…