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Published: 26.05.2017

For Africa Day, Charlotte Bonnet , General Delegate and Kady Traoré, Project Manager, Burkina Faso, L’OCCITANE Foundation write about the work they are doing in Africa.

Lady getting her visual acuity tested
Photo courtesy: The L’OCCITANE Foundation

The L’OCCITANE Foundation was created in 2006 by the L’OCCITANE Company to give further impact to its commitments after 30 years of support to charity projects.

L’OCCITANE is a sensorial brand and its Foundation has chosen to support the senses and focus on the fight against avoidable blindness. In 2015, the Foundation celebrated reaching two million beneficiaries worldwide. Our current goal is to provide eye care to 10 million people by 2020 through our Union for Vision 10 by 20 programme.

In line with National and Local programmes, our strategy focuses on four main points:

  • Universal access to comprehensive eye health services
  • Medical staff training
  • Awareness raising campaigns
  • Sight awards to support research and innovation

We work hand-in-hand with organisations such as Light for the World, Sightsavers, Orbis, UNICEF, Vision Aid Overseas, Brien Holden Vision Institute, etc.

In Africa, the Foundation is supporting projects in four countries: Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, South Africa and Uganda. Its presence there is mainly explained by the fact that the Company is strongly committed to build a relationship of co-development with its partners.

For instance, the L’OCCITANE Company discovered in 1980s the wonderful properties of Shea butter in Burkina Faso in West Africa. Today, this Shea butter is a main component of the products of L’OCCITANE, which has been nurturing a strong link with this country through partnerships and projects for the last 35 years.

Currently the main challenges that the Foundation faces and plans to address are:

  • To strengthen the accessibility of comprehensive eye care services in more rural areas.
  • To reinforce the local authority and community commitment to ensure the sustainability of the actions.
  • To develop some efficient strategies to achieve more beneficiaries with reduced resources.

All of these actions are guided by our ambition to contribute to the social and economic development of communities. To ensure the efficiency and alignment of our actions with the global strategy, the L’OCCITANE Foundation is proud to be a member of the IAPB and celebrate together Africa Day.

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