IAPB Western Pacific: Stronger Together

Regional Program Manager, Western Pacific
Organisation: International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness

“We have fifteen doctor, twenty three eye nurses and two technicians. But we only have one professor, so we’re just a small provincial hospital,” laments Dr Wang as he shows me around the Dali Hospital in Western Yunnan. “That’s why we’re so happy you came to visit us, so that people will know that anyway…

Go Sunny For Sight“目”浴阳光 : Big Eye at Coogee Beach

SEDPTC Myopia Management Mascot
Organisation: Shanghai Eye Disease Prevention and Treatment Center

Big Eye is at Coogee Beach! Why the importance in the Western Pacific? 为什么这个倡议在西太平洋地区有重要意义呢? IAPB Regional Chair, Amanda Davis: “Myopia is the biggest eye health threat in our region with major costs to countries like Japan, Singapore, Korea and China.  SEDPTC leads the way in awareness amongst children and Big Eye brings the message to children…