Depression and Diabetic Eye Diseases: We can break the cycle

Director of Advocacy and Interim CEO
Organisation: IAPB

On World Health Day, Johannes Trimmel, IAPB’s Director for Advocacy talks about the link between depression and diabetic eye disease and the difference their health-care professionals can make. “Depression: let’s talk” is the theme of this year’s World Health Day. This is a timely call, as mental health is generally still under-recognised. This might be…

“It’s not me!” A story about Depression and Eye Health

Country Representative, Burkina Faso
Organisation: Light for the World

On World Health Day, Elie Bagbile, Country Representative of Burkina Faso for Light for the World recounts a story close to his heart, highlighting the role of their Community-based Rehabilitation programme. Tonton Dieudonné was an exceptional teacher, very respectful and much respected, known by everybody in the community for his strong commitment to the Catholic…

No eye health without mental health: The future of person-centred eye care

Research Fellow
Organisation: Centre for Eye Research Australia

On World Health Day, Edith Holloway, Research Fellow, Centre for Eye Research Australia , writes about how few people with vision loss receive psychological intervention for depression, and what needs to be done to change that. Depression is a leading cause of ill health and disability worldwide and according to the latest estimates from the World…

Depression is an important consideration in eye care

Mental Health Advisor
Organisation: CBM

On World Health Day, with this year’s theme  – depression, Julian Eaton, CBM‘s Mental Health Advisor writes about how loss of vision can lead to depression, requiring support and care.  Doctor talking to a patient; cropped image from the WHO’s “Depression: Let’s Talk” campaign to mark World Health Day 2017 This year, World Health Day…

Depression and Blindness – Experiences from the field

Ophthalmologist, Senior Lecturer, University of Papua New Guinea
Organisation: CBM

On World Health Day, Geoffrey Wabulembo, ophthalmologist, CBM writes about his experiences with eye care patients coping with depression. Pacific Islanders; cropped image from the WHO’s “Depression: Let’s Talk” campaign to mark World Health Day 2017 Kalireku (name changed) worked as an agricultural officer for the civil service. In 2004, he had seen an eye doctor…