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New Myopia Awareness Campaign challenges families to go screen-free over bank holiday to give kids’ eyes a break News | Published: 25th August 2022
Helping those whose Education was impacted by the COVID pandemic to realise their potential… Blog | Published: 23rd May 2022
Launch webinar for the Be [email protected] Be Mobile initiative News

The World Health Organization and the International Telecommunication Union have developed "A toolkit on how to implement mMyopia”. | Published: 14th February 2022
IVI Myopia Virtual Leadership Lecture Series News | Published: 9th July 2021
IVI launches campaign to combat Myopia in India News | Published: 9th July 2021
Two key areas for future eye health promotion in China Blog | Published: 4th June 2021
The World Council of Optometry and Global Myopia Awareness coalition support Myopia Awareness Week News | Published: 24th May 2021
Representing optometry: Optometry Council of India Blog | Published: 18th May 2021
World Council of Optometry passes resolution calling for a standard of care for Myopia Management News | Published: 14th April 2021
More time indoors damaging health in Europe News | Published: 23rd March 2021
Myopia a Public Health Challenge that demands Optometry’s leadership Blog | Published: 23rd March 2021
Run for “Eye Care” ─ “Vision 2020” Online Eye Care Marathon is About to Begin! Blog

The event is designed to raise public awareness on eye care, as well as sharing key messages from the White Paper regarding eye health care in China | Published: 9th December 2020