Primary care role of optometrists

Professor, Illinois College of Optometry
Organisation: World Council of Optometry
On World Optometry Day, Dr Sandra Block highlights the core primary care role of optometrists... First, I would like to congratulate all optometrists on World Optometry Day for all that you do to help people all over the globe to see better. Being that this year is 2020, everyone is focused on vision. The year 2020 provides us a great opportunity to publicly advocate…

RAAB Survey Completed in Rohingya Refugee Population in Cox Bazaar, Bangladesh

IAPB South East Asia Regional Coordinator
Organisation: IAPB

The Rohingya population of Rakhine state in Myanmar started flooding neighboring Bangladesh from August 2017, fleeing from conflict. Since then it is estimated that more than a million Rohingya refugees currently reside in Cox Bazaar District, Bangladesh. UN agencies and many international governments and non-governmental organizations are supporting the Bangladeshi government to cope with this…

Quality of life and productivity gains for textile workers provided near vision correction : A study

Communications Manager / Project Officer - Public Health
Organisation: Brien Holden Vision Institute

An estimated 1.1 billion people had uncorrected near vision impairment globally in 2015,1 with the majority of it occurring in developing countries. In some locations it has been found that over 90% of people don’t have the near vision spectacles that they need. 2,3 The impact of uncorrected presbyopia on people’s lives has gone largely…