Vanuatu Eye Clinic Launch

Regional Program Manager, Western Pacific
Organisation: International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness

Valentine’s Day was a celebration of Vanuatu’s love for eye health – Port Vila saw the colourful launch of a state of the art eye clinic, developed by the Fred Hollows Foundation New Zealand. It couldn’t have been more appropriate timing given the return to the islands of Dr Johnson Kasso the first ni-Vanuatu trained…

Fighting an epidemic in the Pacific Islands: Vanuatu

Marketing Campaigns Specialist
Organisation: The Fred Hollows Foundation New Zealand

On World Diabetes Day,  Emily Edwards, The Fred Hollows Foundation NZ and Basil Aitap, National Eye Coordinator at Vila Central Hospital write about a recent outreach to Port Vila in Vanuatu, and their work to tackle the devastating impact of diabetic eye disease there. The vibrant, green landscapes of Vanuatu in the South of the Western Pacific…