VISION 2020 National Bodies: USA

The International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) is an alliance of civil society organisations, private sector, and professional bodies promoting eye health through advocacy, knowledge and partnerships.
Organisation: IAPB

Mitchell Brinks, Chair of VISION 2020 USA, writes about the plans and impact of the organisation in North America. This interview is part of the Vision Excellence Awards – do send in your nominations.  What was VISION 2020 USA’s impact on eye care and service delivery in USA and the region? Vision 2020 USA organized…

IAPB Members Speak Out on COVID-19

Membership Services Manager
Organisation: IAPB
The current COVID-19 situation is effecting us in our home lives, and within our working lives through the projects that we are working on in order to help others. We have reached out to our members to ask them, how it is affecting their work. We hope to keep updating this page. SIGHTSAVERS Amid the…

VISION 2020 USA Urges US Surgeon General to Issue Call to Action for 2020

Program Manager
Organisation: International Eye Foundation / VISION 2020 USA

VISION 2020 USA Urges US Surgeon General to Issue Call to Action for 2020. Coalition Drafts Letter to Jerome M. Adams M.D., U.S. Surgeon General, to Help Lead the Charge to Improving Vision Programmes, Access to Care, and More.  Vision 2020/USA, along with allied organizations dedicated to improving vision and eye health in the United States,…

IAPB members celebrate World Sight Day 2018: a social media round-up

Communications Coordinator
Organisation: IAPB

This year’s World Sight Day is just past (11th October 2018 to be exact). World Sight Day was celebrated across the IAPB membership with press conferences, walks, outreach activities, events with MoH, and more, and we loved seeing all of your celebrations and tags on social media. We have already received emails from many of…