Depression and Diabetic Eye Diseases: We can break the cycle

Director of Advocacy and Interim CEO
Organisation: IAPB

On World Health Day, Johannes Trimmel, IAPB’s Director for Advocacy talks about the link between depression and diabetic eye disease and the difference their health-care professionals can make. “Depression: let’s talk” is the theme of this year’s World Health Day. This is a timely call, as mental health is generally still under-recognised. This might be…

No eye health without mental health: The future of person-centred eye care

Research Fellow
Organisation: Centre for Eye Research Australia

On World Health Day, Edith Holloway, Research Fellow, Centre for Eye Research Australia , writes about how few people with vision loss receive psychological intervention for depression, and what needs to be done to change that. Depression is a leading cause of ill health and disability worldwide and according to the latest estimates from the World…

Depression is an important consideration in eye care

Mental Health Advisor
Organisation: CBM

On World Health Day, with this year’s theme  – depression, Julian Eaton, CBM‘s Mental Health Advisor writes about how loss of vision can lead to depression, requiring support and care.  Doctor talking to a patient; cropped image from the WHO’s “Depression: Let’s Talk” campaign to mark World Health Day 2017 This year, World Health Day…

Depression and Blindness – Experiences from the field

Ophthalmologist, Senior Lecturer, University of Papua New Guinea
Organisation: CBM

On World Health Day, Geoffrey Wabulembo, ophthalmologist, CBM writes about his experiences with eye care patients coping with depression. Pacific Islanders; cropped image from the WHO’s “Depression: Let’s Talk” campaign to mark World Health Day 2017 Kalireku (name changed) worked as an agricultural officer for the civil service. In 2004, he had seen an eye doctor…