Blindness in children: declining magnitude over time

Co-director ICEH
Organisation: International Centre for Eye Health
In 1992 the World Health Organization estimated that there were 1.5 million children who were blind from eye conditions worldwide, stating that this estimate was based on limited epidemiological data1. At that time, measles infection and vitamin A deficiency were considered the most important avoidable causes. In 2000 WHO reviewed the evidence and the estimate…

L’OCCITANE supports UNICEF to prevent childhood blindness

General Delegate
Organisation: L'OCCITANE Foundation

On World/Universal Children’s Day, Charlotte Jonchere writes on L’OCCITANE Foundation‘s work supporting UNICEF to prevent childhood blindness. World Children’s Day, is a day dedicated to promoting the rights of every child. According to the WHO, one of the leading causes of childhood blindness is Vitamin A deficiency, which affects 137  million children under the age of five…