Optometry for Australia

Organisation: Australian College of Optometry
I am very proud of the strong public health eye care services, education and vision research carried out by the Australian College of Optometry towards improving eye health outcomes for the communities we support. The ACO was established nearly 80 years ago and we carry out around 75,000 eye care consultations annually. ACO works towards…

Optometry for all

Organisation: World Council of Optometry
Witnessing a patient’s expression, the first time they are able to see clearly – it’s an amazing moment - a moment that is not quickly forgotten! Having practised optometry for 36 years, that moment has never diminished for me. As World Council of Optometry President, I am calling on the optometric profession to come together…

Developing the building blocks of optometry

Many say capacity building is the engine of human development. We believe developing global capacity is about creating and enabling transformations that empower the individuals, as much as the communities they service. Today as we celebrate World Optometry Day, we encourage you to pause to reflect on the fact that optometry, as a profession, is…

Positive impact of refractive services

Chair IAPB Refractive Error Work Group
Organisation: World Council of Optometry
Uncorrected refractive error remains the major cause (43% ) of the 217 million people with medium to severe visual impairment at distance and an estimated 1.1 billion with near vision impairment. This means millions of people being functionally blind due to lack of access to spectacles resulting in lost education and employment opportunities, lower productivity…

Eyeglasses Improve Quality of Life and Work Productivity

Organisation: VisionSpring
“I was always afraid that due to blurred vision I may lose my job,” confides Hafiza, a sewing machine operator in Bangladesh. “I would continue working even with minor injuries to my fingers caused by the needle.” Hafiza is not alone in her struggle to work with blurry vision. Globally, one-third of workers have uncorrected…

An optometrist’s role at the intersection of good vision and road safety

Global Executive Director
Organisation: Vision Impact Institute
On World Optometry Day, Kristan Gross on an optometrist’s role at the intersection of good vision and road safety. Today we mark World Day of Optometry and shine a spotlight on optometrists around the world who play a critical role in ensuring good vision for everyone — everywhere. When we address how quality vision care…

Optometrists – an essential piece of the puzzle to achieve comprehensive eye health

International Director Programmes, Advocacy and Strategic Partnerships
Organisation: Light for the World
On World Optometry Day, Sabine Rehbichler on why optometrists are an essential piece of the puzzle to achieve comprehensive eye health... Light for the World strives towards improved access to universal and comprehensive eye health in its partner countries. As all stakeholders in the field know, this is not always highest on the agenda of…

Advocating for our children’s vision – the job falls to us

Chair, IAPB School Eye Health Working Group, Global Programs Director, Our Children Vision, and Program Director, Child Eye Health & Low Vision, Brien Holden Vision Institute
Organisation: The Brien Holden Vision Institute
Millions upon millions of children are without vision care, on World Optometry Day, Hasan Minto on the need for advocacy and why the job falls to us... Millions upon millions of children are without vision care – and for them the issue is pressing. This we know. What we are currently working towards is the…

Achieving Scale: the real challenge for Optometry

Senior Vice President of Inclusive Business, Philanthropy and Social Impact
Organisation: Essilor
It is important on World Optometry Day we take stock of the relevance and impact of the Optometry profession. Many of us have spent years involved in various eye care projects and campaigns to increase access to refractive services, a key responsibility of optometric services. However the fact that there are still 2.5 billion people…