Vietnam ICT based school health project screens 34,738 students

Organisation: Severance Hospital

Sangchul Yoon and Mijin Kim on Vietnam school health project… The ICT-based Comprehensive School Health Project in Thanh Hoa Province, had set out its goals as improvement of Health awareness and health behaviour amongst secondary school students in the area. Project BOM affiliated with Yonsei University Severance Hospital, a South Korea originated NGO, and a…

Dr D’Esposito joins WHO WPRO

Regional Program Manager, Western Pacific
Organisation: International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness

Dr Fabrizio D’Esposito has this week started as Technical Advisor to WHO West Pacific Regional Office. This short term consultancy is to evaluate the eye health programmes in the region and to contribute to the eye health section of the new regional NCD framework. IAPB is delighted that WHO has continued to support this position,…

Optometry in Malaysia during COVID-19

Optometrist (Public Health)
Organisation: Hospital Sultanah Nur Zahirah

When the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a global pandemic on 11th March 2020, Malaysia had already had a significant number of positive cases. Following this, the Prime Minister announced the Movement Control Order from 18th March 2020 to 31th March 2020 (which has now been extended to 14th April 2020). Optometrists around the…

How Optometrists Help in the Battle Against Myopia

In 2005 I started Ortho Keratology – the wearing of contact lenses overnight to flatten the cornea – and produce a myopic defocus – thereby making it possible to control the progression of nearsightedness . Since it was something novel at that time , patients and even colleagues in the profession raised their eyebrows and…

Optometrist: An Agent of Change in a Changing Development Landscape

Head of Governance and Operations
Organisation: Australia for UNHCR – Australians Supporting the UN Refugee Agency

I’ll be honest: when I was asked to do a blog for World Optometry Day I responded, “but I’m hardly still a normal optometrist”. On second thought I decided that in our current situation: what is normal? We are in the midst of the largest, global public health crisis the world has ever seen. None…

Sharing the perspective: The school eye health programme in Viet Nam

Project Coordinator
Organisation: The Fred Hollows Foundation

The Viet Nam Child Eye Care (VNCEC) project, funded by the Seeing is Believing programme had set out its goal as: sustainable reduction of visual impairment in school children in Viet Nam. To achieve this goal, the project aims to improve the coordination between education and health sectors; strengthen capacity of school health staff and…

Public Health Optometry: Training a future Workforce in the Pacific Islands

Optometry is a relatively new profession that has evolved differently in different countries around the world. Currently, Optometrists around the world work in health care as the primary eye care physicians. They face incredible challenges and contribute towards the global eye health needs. The current scenario shows the natural need of Optometrists to contribute in…

Glaucoma Q&A with Dr Kham Od Nouansavanh

Regional Program Manager, Western Pacific
Organisation: International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness

For World Glaucoma Week, Drew Keys does a Q&A with Dr Kham Od Nouansavanh, the only glaucoma specialist practicing in Laos. Where do you work and what do you do? I work as an ophthalmologist at the National Ophthalmology Centre (NOC) in Vientiane, the capital of Laos. Currently, I am the only glaucoma specialist, who is…

Glaucoma is Coming Silently

Organisation: Severance Hospital

For World Glaucoma Week, Sangchul Yoon on glaucoma in South Korea, risk factors and more… The order of the leading cause of global blindness is cataract, refractive error, glaucoma, and Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD). However, the impact of cataract on the number of people who are blind is quite different in high income countries like South…

A Potential Glaucoma patients wish…

Head of Department & Consultant Ophthalmologist
Organisation: Hospital Selayang

For World Glaucoma Week, Dr Mohd Aziz Husni writes the fears of a person with a family history of glaucoma… Dear Ophthalmologist, Optometrist, Optician and all Primary Health Caregivers, For those of you who don’t know me, it’s okay. I am just your ordinary family man in his mid-forties. My dad is currently blind due to…

The Takeaway: fighting glaucoma with lessons from across the pond

Eye Nurse
Organisation: Royal Perth Hospital

For World Glaucoma Week, Lauren Entwistle on sustainable solutions to handle the growing number of glaucoma patients at health facilities in Australia… When our reception clerks get out the sticky tape my heart sinks a little and I make sure to ask for an extra shot in my flat white before heading back to clinic. They’ve…

Glaucoma community collaborative care programme

The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital
Organisation: Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital

For World Glaucoma Week,  Bernardo Soares on glaucoma collaborative care programmes… About one in 200 Australians will develop glaucoma by the age of 40.1 With our current life expectancy at 81 years (male) and 85 years (female),2 a growing cohort of patients will require up to 40 years of regular eye appointments to manage the condition.…

Research offers new hope in glaucoma battle

Managing Director, CERA
Organisation: Centre for Eye Research Australia
For World Glaucoma Week, CERA's Keith Martin on how research offers new hope in glaucoma battle... As 2020 unfolds, I’m excited to be at the start of a decade where advances in glaucoma research are showing real promise of innovative new treatments to combat the disease and restore sight. Glaucoma is one of the world’s…

IAPB Members Launch the World Report in Strategic Western Pacific Countries

Regional Program Manager, Western Pacific
Organisation: International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness

World Report on Vision Launch Canberra The November 26 Parliamentary Friends Group for Eye Health and Vision Care Dinner was held in the Gallery at Parliament House Canberra, hosted by Vision 2020 Australia and attended by two dozen politicians bridging the political divide. Guest of Honour was IAPB CEO Peter Holland, who launched the World…

James Muecke named Australian of the Year

The International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) is an alliance of civil society organisations, corporates and professional bodies promoting eye health through advocacy, knowledge and partnerships.
Organisation: IAPB

South Australian Dr James Muecke has been named 2020 Australian of the Year for his work in preventing blindness that impacts 1 in 10 Australians. Dr James Muecke is an Eye Health Hero and founder of Sight For All, an organisation dedicated to fighting all causes of blindness with projects in Aboriginal and mainstream Australian…

2019 in Review: Highlights from IAPB Western Pacific

Regional Program Manager, Western Pacific
Organisation: International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness
Looking back over 2019, it’s impossible not to also look ahead to 2020. The pivotal year that many of us have been working towards throughout our career in the eye health sector, is almost upon us. It’s only fitting that our members and stakeholders are keeping one eye on the future and that they expect…