To consider and propose research priorities across the sector and to foster collaboration amongst researchers.

Achievements to date

Research workshop in Madurai and report on research for global blindness prevention.


Chair: Van Lansingh
Member(s): Hannah Faal; Peter Ackland; Susan Lewallen; Richard Wormald; Danny Haddad; Ravilla D. Thulasiraj; Beatrice Iezzi; Nathan Congdon; Jefitha Karimurio; Paul Courtright; Richard Le Mesurier; Gillian Cochrane; Kovin Naidoo; Wanjiku Mathenge; Clare Gilbert; Christiane Noe; Lesley Podesta; Sharmila Kannan; Andrea Zin; Wong Tien Yin; Eranga Nishanthie Vithana; Roger Beuerman; Serene Ho Xian Hui; Joelin Lee Poh Lin; Esther Ng Soon Tee