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AAO: Reboot Your Practice Post-Covid-19 Recovery Roadmap for the Ophthalmic Practice Resources | Published: 6th December 2020
Ophthalmology: Assessing Viral Shedding and Infectivity of Tears in COVID-19 Patients Resources | Published: 6th December 2020
J Med Virol.: Coronavirus in tears and conjunctival secretions of patients with COVID-19 Resources | Published: 6th December 2020
Key Advocacy Message on COVID-19 and Eye Health Resources | Published: 19th November 2020
CEHJ: Personal protective equipment for COVID-19 in eye care Resources | Published: 8th November 2020
IDDC: Repository of resources on disability inclusion and Covid-19 Resources | Published: 8th October 2020
COVID-19 Protocol 2.3 Resources | Published: 3rd October 2020
RCO: Management plans for children and young people with eye and vision conditions during COVID-19 Resources | Published: 4th September 2020
Indian Journal of Ophthalmology consensus statement on preferred practices during the COVID-19 pandemic Resources | Published: 3rd September 2020
AAO: Plan–Do–Check–Act: 3 Practice Leaders Share Process Improvement Steps for COVID-19 Recovery Resources | Published: 20th August 2020
JAMA Ophthalmology: Insights Into Eye Care Practice During COVID-19 Resources | Published: 19th August 2020
Worksafe Victoria: Managing coronavirus (COVID-19) risks: Face coverings in workplaces Resources | Published: 14th August 2020

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