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This little girl was diagnosed with retinoblastoma- an eye cancer She now has one eye


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Becoming a sustainable sector

Imran Khan / Mitasha Yu

  • Climate Action,
  • Sustainable eye health
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Raising the importance of gender equity in eye health at Women Deliver 2023

Louisa Syrett

  • Climate and Gender,
  • Gender Equity,
  • GEWG,
  • Women Deliver
TFOS Lifestyle Report


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TFOS Lifestyle Report: Impact of environmental conditions on the ocular surface

Exploring the Impact of Environmental Conditions on the Ocular Surface - A Review of Risk Factors

Slide 1 of the Climate Action and Eye Care Myths: Busted file


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Climate Action and Eye Care Myths: Busted

This PDF document from IAPB's Climate Action Work Group debunks five prevalent myths about climate action and eye care.

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Blue Background on left side white text reads Climate Change and eye health - a qa R Venkatesh Chief Medical Officer Aravind Eye Hospital with photo of Venkatesh on right


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Climate change and eye health

Dr. R. Venkatesh

  • Climate Action,
  • Reducing carbon foot print,
  • Sustainable eye health
Blue background. Centred text in white says: Climate Change the next big risk to eye health. Below it Princess Ifeoma Ike, Optometrist/CEO, Princess Vision Eye Clinic Limited Abuja Nigeria in white, on the extreme right is a photo of Princess.


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Climate Change: The next big risk to eye health

Princess Ifeoma Ike

  • Climate Change,
  • eye health,
  • Eye Health Hero
Case Study
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Solar panels


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Roof-top solar: the LVPEI experience

Yamini Joshi / Manoj Edakkatil

  • Climate Action,
  • LV Prasad Eye Institute,
World Environment Day 2022


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What you can do to ensure environmentally sustainable practices in the eye health sector.

Earth Day


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Invest in our planet – an important reminder on Earth Day

Peter Holland

  • 2030 In Sight,
  • Climate Action,
  • Climate Action Working Group,
  • Earth Day 2022


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Celebrating Earth Day 2022

Mitasha Yu & Imran Khan /

  • Climate Action,
  • Earth Day 2022,
  • United Nations Friends of Vision group


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Exploring links between eye health, gender equality and climate change: United Nations Friends of Vision Event

Brooke Blanchard

  • Focus on Gender Equity,
  • Gender Equity,
  • Santen,
  • The UN Friends of Vision,
  • UN Friends of Vision