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  • Ensure that eye examinations are a part of your routine medical examination
  • Prioritize your eye health and consider “Love your eyes” as a life’s mission and also educate your family, loved ones and community regarding the importance of eyes and vision

When should I get an eye test?

  • All of us should get our eyes examined once every two years
  • If you have an existing eye condition and have been advised of regular eye examinations by your eye care practitioner, it is important to keep up with the schedule
  • Do plan for an annual eye check-up if
    • You are aged-40 or above
    • Have a family history of Glaucoma (increased eye pressure or any sight threatening complications)
    • If you have Diabetes or Hypertension
    • History of chronic smoking
    • If you are already wearing spectacles and your eye power is high (High myopia)
    • Some red flags for an emergency eye examination would include (but not limited to) seeing flashes of lights, sudden blurring or loss of vision, redness, eye pain, seeing coloured rings around light

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