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Global Challenge – Workplace Vision Screenings

This World Sight Day, we are focused on the world’s workforce. Our goal is to have vision screenings around the world, from factory floors and office buildings to staff rooms and studios. World Sight Day 2023 is about supporting employees and employers to prioritise eye health.

Together, we will activate the importance of eye health, encourage workplaces to make eye health initiatives standard practice and promote eye health habits that will benefit the well-being, safety and productivity of millions of employees. This is our opportunity to motivate employers everywhere to implement change.

We invite you to tell us about how, in the lead up to World Sight Day, you are engaging your workplace or working with an employer to provide a workplace vision screening. The information you provide will ensure we can help amplify and celebrate your efforts. Your participation in World Sight Day ensures you are adding your organisations to the call for accessible, available and affordable eye health for all by 2030.

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