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Advocacy to Action 2023: Tools and Resources

Advocacy for beginners’ toolkit
To enable local advocacy actions, Advocacy to Action 2023 is bringing an advocacy for beginners’ toolkit. The toolkit will be a basic package to begin advocating for eye health. It will be packed with full of the key information including sections on political prioritization of global eye health, shifts and trends in policy, how to advocate for eye health, key advocacy messages and links to advocacy resources including IPEC toolkit, tips for successful advocacy and advocacy templates.

Advocacy to Action policy briefings and templates
To support advocacy on key global and regional policies, Advocacy to Action 2023 is equipping policy briefs on Diabetic Retinopathy, a joint brief with International Labour Organization and a guideline for Voluntary National Reviews.

Advocacy to Action quarterly newsletter
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Other supporting content includes country policy dashboards on the Vision Atlas country pages, regional case studies and expert opinion pieces.