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2030 In Sight – A Regional Perspective

Published: 23.09.2021
Amanda Davis Regional Chair Western Pacific
how it all fits in to the 2030 in sight strategy

As the Chair of the Western Pacific region for the past five years and Chair of the Regional Chairs for the past three years, I have developed a solid appreciation and understanding of the challenges that are faced every day by our members and stakeholders as we strive to achieve our sector goal of eliminating preventable sight loss and ensuring access to rehabilitative services so everyone, everywhere has the best possible chance to reach their full potential. Part of my role has been to listen to our members and stakeholders and to ensure that country and regional perspectives are fed to our IAPB global team to inform sector advocacy and planning.

This month sees the culmination of the efforts of our collective work. We have a new plan. A very bold new plan. The IAPB 2030 In Sight strategy is a strategy developed by our sector, for our sector – with over 150 members participating in over 30 consultation meetings. It takes the evidence and know-how generated over the past 30 years, leverages the significant political momentum that we have generated and lays out an ambitious approach that will guide our work until 2030 and beyond.

In the past few months, I have been very fortunate to be spending some quality online time with IAPB members and stakeholders in the Western Pacific discussing the 2030 In Sight strategy. After creating a global approach, it is now critical that we map this into a practical and feasible roadmap that focuses on the needs and priorities of the countries and regions. Our recent discussions have brought out perspectives of alignment of our work with the SDG agenda, developing important new partnerships, creating policy dialogues with governments and supporting the IPEC implementation, the engagement of the public to demand care as a critical component of the strategy and generating more evidence to inform our work and advocate for change. The countries making up the Western Pacific region are diverse in geography, socio-economic status, changing demographics and indeed, eye care needs. It is important that as we build our roadmap, we can support the region’s diverse needs and priorities.

As we move forward into our ambitious future, it is important that all IAPB regions look to the guidance of a global agenda and framework. It is equally important that as regions we inform our global approach through provision of data, evidence, know-how, learnings and perspectives. A globally united sector with a localised approach will provide us with the best possible opportunity to meet our ambitious goals.

2030 In Sight