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Cambodia Identifies Opportunities to Embed 2030 In Sight Strategies

Published: 25.07.2022
Drew Keys Regional Program Manager
Dr meng receives his Vision Excellence Award from Amanda Davis

Cambodia hosted the first Western Pacific 2030 In Sight National Policy Dialogue in Phnom Penh at the start of May. The meeting was hosted by the Sub-Sectoral Working Group in an effort to bring together stakeholders and like-minded partners. Cambodia is already in a region-leading position, given that it has developed a national strategy. The workshop looked at ways to ensure that this is aligned with 2030 In Sight, and in particular key concepts such as Integrated People Centred Eye Care.

The following opportunities were identified in the meeting report:

  1. The development of provincial roadmaps within the current planning processes provide opportunities to embed:
    1. Engagement of broad multi-sectoral partners
    2. Bring other NGOs into the discussions
    3. Engage with the National Health Promotion Centre to ensure demand generation for services is embedded in provincial plans
    4. Consider how outreach programmes and eye camps can be part of a structured approach to planning and services that also supports health promotive activities
  1. Utilising the launch of the National Strategy for Blindness Prevention and Control to initiate engagement with the private sector
  2. Develop of a piece of mapping work to review the services that are provided by the private sector, what evidence exists, how is pricing and quality regulated. This could be developed in consultation with the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Finance.
  3. Plan World Sight Day activities as a more strategic opportunity to embed health promotion (as linked to provincial plans), to engage the professional societies and to mobilise funders – for WSD activities but also for additional activities
  4. Utilise IAPB and WHO tools, such as the Introduction to IPEC Course and the Packages of Eye Care Interventions.

Image on top: Dr meng receives his Vision Excellence Award from Amanda Davis