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Five Reasons to Choose 2030 IN SIGHT LIVE as your Team’s Offsite Destination

Published: 06.02.2024
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Feeling mildly overwhelmed with the volume of personal, professional, and company goals for the year ahead?  

We all strive for personal and professional growth, to nurture team trust, create a vibrant company culture, reach potential partners, and staying ahead of trends. What if we told you there is a way to do it all at one event? 

2030 IN SIGHT LIVE is that event!  

Here are our top FIVE reasons for making 2030 IN SIGHT LIVE your team’s offsite destination in 2024. 

    1. Team Building: 2030 IN SIGHT LIVE is where education meets team building. Groups that attend 2030 IN SIGHT LIVE together benefit from a rich, shared experience. Teammates can attend different sessions and collectively cover more ground to swap takeaways.  
    2. Unparalleled Connections: 2030 IN SIGHT LIVE is an extraordinary opportunity for your teams to align with partners, and importantly connect with future collaborators that can take your company to the next level. 
    3. Company culture: 2030 IN SIGHT LIVE is one of the rare events that teams can use as an off-site place to learn, grow, be inspired and bond together. It’s extra special for remote teams, offering a chance to meet in person while delving into exciting new layers of best practices and trends. 
    4. Shared Insights: 2030 IN SIGHT LIVE provides three days of insights into ongoing projects that your team can tap into, learn from or add their expertise. 
    5. Bright Spots: Encourage your team to step out of their everyday work environment into an immersive three-day experience where they will meet and learn from some of the brightest minds in the sector and beyond.  

This delegate from 2030 IN SIGHT LIVE Singapore sums it up, “IAPB’s 2030 IN SIGHT LIVE global event was such a rich opportunity to see colleagues, make new connections, hear about upcoming opportunities and share ideas. In all, a very rewarding and energizing few days!” 

In an age of remote working and disconnection, 2030 IN SIGHT LIVE is the event to foster and reignite meaningful connections.  

Add 2030 IN SIGHT LIVE to your organisation’s work calendar as a unique opportunity to blend learning with team-building activities. Learn more about ticket options here.