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India Vision Institute (IVI) – Young Leaders Program 2022

Published: 10.08.2022
Shekhar Nambiar General Manager, Education & Communications
India Vision Institute
YLP in Chennai

Understanding the significance and requirement for more empowered leaders to meet the needs of the Indian eye care sector, India Vision Institute through the Young Leaders Program (YLP) recognizes and identifies eye health professionals who have the potential to be future leaders and equips them with various leadership and management skills. The programme also aims to strengthen the network, open up opportunities to work together, and initiate a debate among the growing YLP alumni network.

This year, 11 professionals from the eye health sector, academia, industry, hospital-based practice, and not for profits were trained.

At the closing event in Chennai on 25 & 26 June the participants were exposed to talks on leadership, the eye health scenario in India, how young leaders can contribute for the upliftment of the eyecare profession and project presentations by participants. The project presentations presented by the young leaders made a note on eliminating preventable blindness and the future of enhancing the eye care health sector.

The YLP programme, initiated in 2013, has helped develop a pool of 72 young eye care leaders from across India, who together form a motivated group to take up leadership roles and aspire to move ahead in their careers. This year’s programme was supported by HOYA Lens India.

Through lectures over four months, the programme covered a range of modules, including Transformational Leadership; Strategic Leadership; Communication Effectiveness; Design Thinking and Innovation; Art of Project Management; Team Management – Conflict Management, Better Problem-Solving & Decision-Making Skills; Change Management; and the Power of Networking in Grabbing Opportunities.