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Dismantling gender barriers to care Blog

For Operation Eyesight, starting conversations with the communities where we work has been a key step in improving access to eye health services for women and girls. It has also helped us build gender equality when it comes to accessing local health services more generally. | Published: 22nd September 2022
From 2030 In Sight Strategy to Campaign: Why IAPB is launching the global Love Your Eyes campaign Blog | Published: 15th August 2022
A first time visit to see IAPB members work in delivering accessible, available and affordable eye health Blog | Published: 15th August 2022
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India Vision Institute (IVI) – Young Leaders Program 2022 Blog | Published: 10th August 2022
Making ROP Screening more accessible Blog | Published: 10th August 2022
Farmer’s Project: A unique project to help the unorganised sector Blog

Task based spectacle and protective eyewear prescription for farmers of India | Published: 10th August 2022
Blindness costs India $54.4 billion each year – Seva Report News | Published: 13th July 2022
Child Eye Health – Why do we need to act today for a better tomorrow? Blog | Published: 21st June 2022
India Vision Institute prioritises road safety Blog | Published: 6th April 2022
Narrowing the gender divide through novel eye health interventions Blog | Published: 6th April 2022
Standard Chartered funds 20 New Vision Centres across 5 districts of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar in India News | Published: 1st March 2022