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The 2nd Chitkara Optometry and Vision Science Symposium

Published: 10.01.2024
Harshada Kale Head of Education and Operations
Optometry Council of India
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The 2nd Chitkara Optometry and Vision Science Symposium was successfully hosted at Chitkara University, Chandigarh on 24th of November 2023. Ms. Harshada Kale, Head of Education and Operations, represented OCI at the event. The audience for the symposium was mainly students. Chitkara had a pre-symposium workshop on Scleral contact lenses on the 23rd of November which was taken by Prof. Daddi Fadel.

On 24th November, the Event started with a welcome talk by Dean Dr. Sonika Bakshi. Later Dr. Parveen Sen gave a talk on Retinal imaging technologies: A revolution in optometric diagnosis. She spoke about all retinal imaging technologies available right from Fundus imaging to OCT and angiography. Dr. Ramesh S. Ve spoke about Technology and innovation with a wonderful demonstration on portable OCT etc. Dr. Aditya Goyal took a very interesting and interactive session on the Psychology of Visual perception. He demonstrated various aspects of Visual perception and motor skills integration.

Post Lunch, there was a Panel discussion on “Creating a road map and bridging gaps in eye care access for underserved children”. Ms Harshada Kale participated in the Panel discussion along with Dr Amit Gupta and Dr Mona Duggal. The session was moderated by Dr. Renu Thakur. Questions like Integrating telemedicine and AI into optometry, Advancements in eye care particularly in school vision screening camps and sensitizing optometry students to child blindness were taken in the panel discussion.

Mr. Prashant Bhatkar then gave a talk on “Sustainability in eyewear: An ecofriendly approach to eyewear”, which was a very engrossing talk where he spoke about all ecofriendly options in eyewear and their manufacturing. Optometry Council of India was invited to the event to give a talk on “Bridging gaps and fostering professional development by OCI” which was given by Ms. Harshada Kale and was very well taken by attendees.

Dr. Don Lyon gave a talk on the Multidisciplinary approach to pediatric eyecare: Collaborating with schools and healthcare providers and the last talk was given by Dr. Noor on Insightful Impact: Endeavor for uniting optometry professionals by ASCO.

Overall, it was a splendid event, both in terms of intellectual quality and social gratification. OCI got visibility among attendees and could promote its work in education and eye care.