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India Vision Institute prioritises road safety

Published: 06.04.2022
Shekhar Nambiar General Manager, Education & Communications
India Vision Institute
IVI Screening

March has been another busy month for India Vision Institute (IVI).  A new programme to vision screen 5,000 commercial vehicle drivers in Greater Chennai was launched on March 23, World Optometry Day. The programme follows our earlier vision screenings of 90,000 drivers of autos, taxis and trucks. A school programme in Coimbatore in association with Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences (KITS) signalled the resumption of vision screenings after the lifting of Covid-19 lockdown. Other programmes organised were vision screenings for women inmates of Puzhal prison near Chennai, in addition to five outreach camps for commercial vehicle drivers in Kerala and Karnataka states.

Spectacles for the screening programme for commercial vehicles are being provided by Essilor Vision Foundation (EVF).

March also saw IVI achieve screening 100,000 people in just eight months, from July 2021 to March 2022. IVI has so far screened 320,000 children enabling them to look forward to a good education and a brighter future. We have also screened over 250,000 adults.