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India Vision Institute’s campaigns in Karnataka and Chennai

Published: 14.12.2022
Shekhar Nambiar General Manager - Education and Communication
India Vision Institute
Major IVI campaigns in Karnataka & Chennai

India Vision Institute is undertaking two major campaigns as part of the Eye See & I Work and Eye See & I Learn programs. Both campaigns were launched during the World Sight Day commemoration in October.

Karnataka commercial vehicle driver screening

The first campaign, in association with Shell India, is vision screening 32,000 commercial vehicle drivers in Karnataka state. The Vision and Road Safety initiative also works to make the drivers understand the importance of eye tests and correcting refractive errors, if any, with the aim of making roads safer and accident-free. IVI has vision screened over 100,000 commercial vehicle drivers over the past 12 months. More than 90% of the 55,000 who received free spectacles were first-time wearers, two percent of drivers had a distance correction of greater than 2 dioptres which would have made driving really difficult for them.

Chennai school vision screening campaign to benefit 50,000 children                                  

The other campaign launched by Chennai’s Mayor Priya Rajan is vision screening 50,000 urban disadvantaged children. Supported by OneSight EssilorLuxottica Foundation, it raises awareness on good vision and addresses the growing problem of myopia and other vision issues among children. For each child, corrected vision would mean better education and improved prospects for a brighter future.

IVI welcomes partners and funding support to associate with our initiatives to enhance India’s primary eye care capacity and to provide access to a pair of glasses for every Indian in need of one.