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Innovation-oriented High Quality Development of Eye Health in China

Published: 02.06.2021
Wei He Founder
He Eye Specialist Hospitals

Health is the eternal pursuit and innate right of human beings. Our eyes are an important part of our health and work non-stop. Eye health is important at all stages of life no matter what your age.

Wei HeVisual disability, a major public health issue, seriously affects the quality of life, aggravates the economic burden on families and society, and threatens social and economic production activities.

As the Vice Director of National Prevention of Blindness Technical Guidance Committee, I have been engaged in blindness prevention work for more than 30 years and have witnessed the changes in China’s blind eye disease spectrum; the technological improvement in the diagnosis and treatment of blind eye diseases in China; and the improving eye health system in China under the government’s guidance and multi-party participation.

I led my team to explore a sustainable and replicable three-level eye health care service model with over 20 years of hard work. Keeping the whole population in mind, we have made great contributions to the eye health undertakings in China through our model of innovation in science & technology and service concept innovation.

As the China National Training Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Blindness, He Eye Specialist Hospital founded by me has committed to public welfare and charity and targeted poverty alleviation as its mission. We have trained more than 60,000 primary eye doctors in China to push forward the work of national blindness prevention and treatment.

He Eye Specialist Hospital has held "China-Africa Eye Health" forums to promote the development of eye health in African countries from 2018.
He Eye Specialist Hospital has held “China-Africa Eye Health” forums to promote the development of eye health in African countries from 2018.

With the support of IAPB, He Eye Specialist Hospital has worked with international NGOs (such as Orbis International, Lions Clubs International Foundation, etc.) to assume more social responsibility and promote the international practices of China’s public welfare action on blindness prevention.

For years, my team and I have received IAPB recognition for the work in blindness prevention. Last year, I was honored to be awarded the “Vision Excellence Award” by IAPB.

Facing the diversified demand on eye health, our work faces new challenges.

Looking forward to the future, we are willing to work with global ophthalmologists and friends at home and abroad to adhere to the original intention of blindness prevention.