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Join us at 2030 IN SIGHT LIVE! and be part of radical change

Published: 31.01.2022
Babar Qureshi IAPB Board Chair and Vice President
Be a part of radical change

It has been over two years since we were able to gather as colleagues, friends and as an IAPB community. In that time all of us have experienced a global pandemic, many of us with pain, hardship, and loneliness. We have come together online and worked from our homes. Despite these difficulties, together as an IAPB community we have achieved some remarkable things. These include: new WHO indicators on refractive error and cataracts, the biggest ever World Sight Day and of course the crowning achievement of the first ever UN Resolution on Vision.

During this time IAPB has also launched a new sector strategy, 2030 In Sight. This new strategy builds on the successes of Vision 2020 and sets a radical ambition. By 2030, we want a world where no-one experiences unnecessary or preventable sight loss, and everyone can achieve their full potential. Where eye care and rehabilitation services are accessible, inclusive, and affordable to everyone, everywhere, whenever they are needed. And a world where everyone in the world understands the importance of caring for their own eye health and demand access to services, free from the weight of social stigma.

To achieve this ambition, we know we must work differently to make sure eyesight receives the global political, health and development priority it needs and deserves. This also includes doing our global events differently, which is why I am so excited that in just a short time we will gather as a movement for 2030 IN SIGHT LIVE!, a global event both online and in person in Dubai, to work together on achieving radical change.

We are calling on leaders, innovators and change makers, colleagues from across the eye health sector and beyond, to join us to help build a shared understanding of the systemic change needed in countries, regions, sectors, and mindsets, and to develop collective knowledge, best practice, and new approaches to elevate the issue of eye health, integrate it into wider health systems and activate demand from the ground up ​and, above all, to match our ambition with action.

We are not just bringing together CEOs or eye health practitioners; we want everyone no matter your role or your organisation to join us to accelerate radical change and progress. For those able to join us in Dubai, we will be hosted by our local partners Noor Dubai as part of the Dubai Global Health Forum and as always will receive the very best of middle eastern hospitality with the chance to experience Expo 2020.

2030 IN SIGHT LIVE! will bring together the best of an IAPB Council of Members meetings, enabling attendees to create new connections and meet old friends, share insights and develop new ideas and learning alongside a new format. This includes an interactive online programme making it easier than ever before to share knowledge, spark meaningful conversations and build relationships no matter where you are in the world.

The end of avoidable sight loss is now within our grasp, and together we must push harder than ever before to help deliver this ambition. Join us online or in Dubai and be part of the radical change we need to ensure that 2030 is in sight for everyone.


Join us for 2030 IN SIGHT LIVE

Play your part in the next decade of action.
Join us for 2030 IN SIGHT LIVE. Be part of the conversation.


We are excited to get together in-person in March, and in our planning, we are preparing for the realities of the ongoing Covid-19 situation and are working closely with our partners in Dubai to ensure that we are planning a secure and safe event. For more information, please see our Covid-19 policy page.