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Nepal Prime Minister commits to elevate eye health services in Nepal

Published: 06.04.2022
Yuddha Sapkota IAPB South-East Asia Regional Coordinator
PM Visit

A delegation led by the Chairman of Nepal Netra Jyoti Sangh Dr Chet Raj Pant met Rt. Honorable Prime Minister of Nepal Mr Sher Bahadur Deuba on 22 March, 2022. In the meeting executive Director on NNJS Dr Sailesh Mishra briefed the PM on eye care services of the country including the opportunities and challenges.

In the briefing it was highlighted that eye health is not part and parcel of mainstream health services of the country. There is an urgent need of integrated approach to be adopted to make primary eye care services accessible to all. In secondary and tertiary level eye care, the government policy on public-private partnership needs to be further strengthened with more financial support and budget allocation to eye health needed.

Mr Yuddha Sapkota, executive Board Member of NNJS and South East Asia Regional Coordinator IAPB reminded the PM on the recent global commitment made by the nation in WHA and UN General assembly on eye health. Mr Sapkota also highlighted the basis and ingredients of the UN resolution on Vision for everyone, accelerating action in achieving SDGs, and how good eye health services can support achieving SDG goals and overall development of the country.

In response the PM stated that he is committed to translate all global commitments made by nation into national eye health policy and plan. He is aware of the non-government sector’s contribution eye health services in the country. He further pledged his commitment and support to further improvement of eye health including adequate budget allocation to expand and make eye health services accessible to all.