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Issam-Eddine Elleuch

Dr Issam is an active member of Nadi Al Bassar, since he joined, he has been a part of the majority of campaigns and events our NGO organised. His dedication to helping poor and underprivileged people is remarkable; he has helped perform hundreds of cataract surgeries in Tunisia and abroad.

Even in remote areas, he tries to make things work, and give quality medical service to disadvantaged people. The energy and perfection he adds to our work just makes him one of our unsung heroes.

“What I love the most about my role is that moment when you take the eye pad off an underprivileged blind person you operated on a day before for a cataract and just see the smile he puts on his face because he regained his sight. At that moment you know that you helped made the world a better place”

– Issam-Eddine Elleuch