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Eyes, Kidney and Feet: Joining Forces - IDF Congress 2022


IAPB and the FHF is hosting a symposium session at the World Diabetes Congress, IDF 2022. The session looks forward to building broad, cross sectoral support for the integration of priority diabetes complications in diabetes related policy and practice. The session will include a panel discussion inviting experts from diabetes and person with lived experience of the condition, and a networking reception. The panel will explore how the different complications of diabetes are integrated in the diabetes care and will seek an opportunity to discuss about the burden of blindness due to diabetes related eye conditions, which has been missed within the diabetes complementary evaluation metrics.

If you are joining IDF World Diabetes Congress 2022, happening in Dec 5-8 in Lisbon, then please do join the session on Wednesday, December 7th, 17:30 – 19:30, Auditorium III/IV



Serge Resnikoff

Serge Resnikoff

Prof Serge Resnikoff MD PhD is an international consultant in global ophthalmology and public health. He is a conjoint professor at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, and he serves as Chair for the International Myopia Institute, the Brien Holden Vision Foundation, Thea Foundation, and the Organization for Prevention of Blindness (OPC). His professional experience also includes senior positions held at the World Health Organization in the field of Non-Communicable Diseases including Diabetes and Eye Care. Before this, he worked for more than fifteen years in Low Income Countries, mainly in sub-Saharan Africa. Prof Resnikoff received training in Medicine, Ophthalmology, Tropical Medicine, and Epidemiology in France. He has published over 250 refereed articles and book chapters.

Andrew Boulton

Andrew Boulton

Professor Andrew Boulton is President of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF). He also currently serves as President of the Worldwide Initiative for Diabetes Education and Chair of EURADIA (European Alliance for Diabetes Research).

Prof. Boulton is a graduate of Newcastle-upon-Tyne University. He subsequently trained in Sheffield and Miami prior to accepting an appointment at Manchester University, where he is currently Professor of Medicine with a special interest in diabetes and its complications. He is also Consultant Physician at Manchester Royal Infirmary. Prof. Boulton has authored more than 500 peer-reviewed manuscripts and book chapters, mainly on diabetic lower limb and renal complications.

Covadonga Bascaran

Covadonga Bascaran

Cova is a Clinical Research Fellow at the International Centre for Eye Health in London where she has worked in education and research for the past 14 years. She has a particular interest in DR research and programmes.

Cova is the technical lead for the Diabetic Retinopathy Network (DR-NET), which includes over 25 DR programmes in 15 LMICs and co-chairs the IAPB DR Working Group.


Edith Mukantwari

Ms. Edith Prudence Mukantwari, BFST, MPHFS, is a nutritionist and patient advocate and currently the Executive Director of Africa Diabetes Alliance, a patient-led organisation of which she is also a co-founder. She is also an early career researcher working on a project titled, “Development of locally tailored nutrition guidelines for the effective prevention and management of Diabetes Mellitus (DM) in Uganda”, otherwise known as the “NutriKit Project” with Makerere University. She has been living with type 1 diabetes since 2005 and uses her lived experience along with best practices to advocate for better healthcare for all people living with DM and other NCDs both locally and internationally, in collaboration with other policy and advocacy organisations namely the Uganda NCD Alliance, Uganda Diabetes Association, Global NCD Alliance among others. She is passionate about research and advocacy related to patient engagement, lived experience, nutrition and diabetes education, health equity and universal health coverage, as well as community development.