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Have you thought about speaking to a global eye health audience about your work, your experiences and ideas, that can challenge, transform and drive our ambition for 2030 In Sight? The stage is yours!

Speaker applications are OPEN!

Share your voice with our delegates who are eager to hear and learn from forward-thinkers and innovators with diverse perspectives and unique points of view.


2030 IN SIGHT LIVE is IAPB’s three-day conference where groundbreaking ideas are shared, like-minded individuals come together, and progress towards a common goal is made. The annual event brings together hundreds of delegates from around the world who are looking for educational sessions, insights, and actionable takeaways.

2030 IN SIGHT LIVE speakers have a platform to showcase their valuable knowledge while highlighting their programmes in front of an engaged audience. It is a unique opportunity to have your work and expertise seen, while expanding your professional network. Apply today.

Applications must be submitted by 8 March 2024.


INNOVATION: Speakers who can unravel groundbreaking, transformative ideas that captivate fellow delegates and foster a wave of inspiration for the future.
CREATIVITY: Speakers who can articulate their thoughts, unique experiences, expertise and perspectives in ways that educate.
CREDIBILITY: Speakers who have a deep understanding and expertise of their chosen topic. That they have an ability to disseminate ideas and best practices seamlessly within a session.

In Partnership with:

The Association to Prevent Blindness

Strategic Global Event Partner:

Fred Hollows Foundation