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2030 In Sight for Our Children – Webinar 1

Focus On Child Eye Health - 2030 In Sight for Our Children – Webinar 1

2030 In Sight for Our Children – Webinar 1

Date: 29th June 2022

Time: 8:00 AM GMT +1

The Focus on Child Eye Health webinars will discuss on the priorities and actions for Child Eye Health for the decade. Experts will share their insights and experiences on; prioritising child eye health in development plans, national policies, and budgets,  integrating child eye health in broader health systems such as child and maternal health, diabetes, workforce training and task sharing and empowering parents/ guardians and children to better understand and advocate for their own eye health through health promotion and information systems.

At the end of the session, the participants will gain an understanding of:

  1. Actions needed to take now, to accelerate efforts to elevate, integrate and activate child eye health to meet their eye care needs.
  2. Case for including child eye health as an action area within health interventions from advocacy, policy, campaigns, systems, to service delivery at global, regional, and national level.
  3. Interventions and innovations that have been successful in delivering affordable, appropriate, and accessible eye care to the populations in need.
  4. Dire need for better, more data to understand, inform and plan child eye health services.