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AEF Cameroon SIB

Any evaluation process has at least four ambitions: “to inform decision-making, to pilot projects / policies; improve the quality of interventions; understand and objectify logics of action and fuel debates”. It is in this same logic that the final evaluation of the “Seeing is believing” project was initiated in April 2014 and completed in August 2019. This project aimed to reduce poverty in the Center Region by treating patients with cataracts. The systematic and rigorous assessment of the achievement of these results is based on the criteria of relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability. These elements of assessment are expressed quantitatively and qualitatively. Generally, the level of achievement of results had to be measured compared to the basic indicators defined at the beginning of the project. The 35 major activities included in the project experienced the following completion rates: 26 were 100% achieved, i.e. 74.28%; one result greater than 100%, i.e. 2.85%. The satisfactory results are therefore 27 out of 35, i.e. 77.14% of the completion rate. Eight (08) have achievements below 100% i.e. 22.85%.