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Monitoring progress towards Universal Health Coverage

Monitoring progress towards Universal Health Coverage

Paper published in May 2014 by the World Bank and World Health Organization (WHO) on measurement of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) aimed at standardising measurement of progress and achievement towards UHC. It includes indicators regarding financial protection and service coverage.

The paper is intended to establish a common framework for measurement of UHC. It is likely to have considerable impact on SDGs and this CAN potentally be very positive if attention to the poorest and marginalised is accounted for. After all UHC is intended to be about tackling inequities and thus reaching those who are most poor and most vulnerable.

There are positive aspects to the current iteration such as attention to out of pocket expenses, BUT as far as service coverage goes, there is nothing in the document to ensure persons with disabilities who potentialy face many barriers to health can indeed access their right to health.

It includes plans to disaggregate data by gender and rural/urban areas, socioeconomic status all of which are laudable. But it excludes disability. This risks marginalising the one billion persons with disability worldwide.